As the new stewards of Le Balcon de Belledonne, we embarked on a period of research and restoration planning in the months between our first visit in January 2021 and officially taking possession in June 2021. Our research included obtaining the original building plans and historical photographs from Frac Centre-Val de Loire; combing through the details of the photographs taken by Véra Cardot & Pierre Joly when the building was completed in 1966 (now held at the Centre Pompidou, Bibliothèque Kandinsky); conducting interviews one of the original architects, Claude Costy, as well as previous owners and other architects and historians familiar with the building; and consulting restoration material specialists and suppliers.

With much of the initial restoration planning complete, the keys to Le Balcon de Belledonne were obtained 3 June 2021 and restoration began 4 June 2021.